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Our story

The Popup Poetry Spot, a revolutionary concept in the world of poetry, was born from the visionary mind of Inertia Justice back in 2002. Inertia Justice recognized that traditional poetry venues often attracted a small group of dedicated supporters, and she wanted to change that. Her dream was to create a platform where poets could showcase and sell their work in store fronts all around the city, reaching a broader audience and ensuring that poets were adequately compensated for their talents.


Inertia Justice knew that to achieve her goal, she needed to think outside the box. She reached out to malls, corporations, and any place with access to large, unsuspecting crowds. With the permission of these venues, she organized what can be described as a "flash mod" of poetry performances. These events would take place in unexpected locations, captivating passersby and bringing poetry to the forefront of their attention.


However, one important condition for these popup poetry events was, they had to be family-friendly. Poets who wished to participate had to sign a contract agreeing to perform works that were free from profanity or suggestive language. This was done to ensure that these performances could be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Any poet who violated this agreement would be denied further opportunities to perform at these events.


While some poets initially resisted this "censorship" many recognized the value of reaching a wider audience and the opportunity to perform on main stages. These poets embraced the concept and became an integral part of the Popup Poetry Spot.


She contacted the marketing and public relations director of Sharpstown Center - Nicque Montgomery (currently known as Plaza Americas) to pitch her idea. Ms. Montgomery was so impressed with the idea that she created an "Urban Festival" around the twelve poets: Inertia Justice, the late Roshanda Johnson known as "2Die4", Ms. Marie Brown, Scarlet, Black Snow, Deep Blue See, Marcell Murphy, Pea, Karega Ani, Se7en, Terrence, and Cherokee Dee, and included: Fashion Show, Art cars, and Break Dancers.


Their performances was so captivating it received media attentions on all the local news channels and front page coverage in The Houston Chronicle.


TPPS continued to captivate audiences with Metro Houston (on buses and in transit centers), in corporate events, and various other venues, bringing poetry to the forefront of people's lives in unexpected and exciting ways.


Through The Popup Poetry Spot, countless talented poets have found a platform to share their work, connecting with diverse audiences and broadening the exposure of poetry as an art form. What started as a dream has now become a thriving movement, with poets continuing to participate in TPPS events to this day.


Some of the original popup poetry performances included captivating spoken word pieces that tackled themes of love, social justice, personal growth, and the human experience. These performances were filled with raw emotions, thought-provoking ideas, and powerful storytelling. The Popup Poetry Spot quickly became known for its ability to create intimate and memorable experiences, leaving a lasting impact on both the poets and the audience.


As the years went by, The Popup Poetry Spot continued to evolve and expand, collaborating with local artists, musicians, and community organizations to create multidisciplinary showcases that pushed the boundaries of traditional poetry. The movement continues to inspire and empower poets to share their voices and stories with the world, reminding us all of the transformative power of poetry.


The Popup Poetry Spot stands as a testament to Inertia Justice's unwavering belief in the importance of poetry and her dedication to providing poets with opportunities to shine. It has become a space where art and community intersect, creating a platform for poets to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

The Team

Who We Are


Inertia Justice

Founder & CEO

Our Founder is a national slam poet, recording artist, author, actress and curve model. Follow her for update information about events and activities. See links below.

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